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ENGL 2311 | Golden

This Research Guide is designed to help you with discovering what types of writing are representative to your career field and producing a document as an example for Professor Golden's Technical Writing Class.

Final Project and Presentation Instructions

For this final project, you’ll be doing a bit of research into your future field/position. The primary goal is to find out what kind of business writing is most frequently used (maybe you’ll discover something not discussed this semester) in the job. The secondary goal is to learn more about your future field and the potential positions you could pursue post degree.

Final Project and Presentation

The written portion of this project will be an Informational Report (pg. 490 in the text, or start Googling it). Keep the report fairly short and include at least one example of the type of writing you would be doing that is specific to your future job (something unique and specific, not something general like an e-mail).

The presentation will be a brief oral report of your findings along with a  display and discussion of at least one type of writing you would be doing that is job specific.

Information needed in the Informational Report and in the presentation:

  • the field you hope to go into
  • a list of some of the positions and career options within that field that interest you (in order of favorite to least favorite)
  • the estimated salary for your position, company, field, state/city/country (all of which will vary from each other, so choose according to your needs),
  • the possible companies you could work for (only your top choices),
  • your day-to-day tasks and any larger projects you may be required to do (such as an annual report),
  • any required certifications or additional training,
  • the required degree(s),
  • the types of writing and verbal communication required for your position. Types of verbal communication could include things like panel presentations, teaching demonstrations, conference presentations, new employee training orientations, meeting presentations, potential client sessions, etc. 

In addition to these items, also include:

  • at least one sample of a professional document that adequately represents the type of writing you would be required to do in your position. The example should showcase the job-specific writing, not general writing that everyone will do on their job (such as e-mail writing). Do not use examples already posted in this class. | North Library: 281-459-7116 | Central Library: 281-476-1850 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306