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ENGL 2311 | Technical Report Writing | Professor Lunsford | Preparing a Nonprofit Request for Funding: Welcome!

Use this guide to help you to prepare for the Nonprofit Request for Funding assignment in Professor Lunsford's English 2311 (Technical Writing) class.

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Your Nonprofit Request for Funding Assignment

Welcome to the library guide for your Nonprofit Request for Funding assignment!  This guide is designed to help you find information about the nonprofit organizations and fundraising for the project in your ENGL 2311 class.  Please take some time to explore this guide to find out which library resources are recommended for this assignment and how best to use them.  This guide includes several pages describing topics related to your project and the research you will be conducting; each page in this guide can be accessed from one of the tabs (Find Books, Find Articles, etc.) at the top of the guide.

Remember, you can always contact any librarian for assistance with your research, including finding books, articles, and other resources, as well as formatting your citations correctly.  You have several ways to contact a librarian for help.  Feel free to drop in and see us at the library anytime that we're open, call us, email us -- either directly or through Ask a Librarian -- or chat with one of us using the Research Help feature that is located on every page in this guide, as well as on the library's Blackboard page. 

Research Guidelines

As described in your assignment from Professor Lunsford, you will write a proposal requesting a $1 million grant for your designated nonprofit.  To develop an effective sales proposal, you will need to research a nonprofit organization, including its clientele, services, and goals.  To find information about your selected nonprofit, as well as about nonprofit organizations in general, you will need to consult several different information sources, including articles from journals, magazines, and/or newspapers, perhaps books, and possbily SWOT analysis documents.  Your library provides access to many resources for this research, both online and in print.  This guide will help you to identify which resources will be the most useful to you and  teach you how to use them effectively.

You also will be learning how to use the MLA (Modern Language Association) citation format in conjunction with the information sources you use.  Your library offers guides and resources that will help you to use MLA format correctly.

This research guide is just one tool that will help you with your research.  You also will visit the library with Professor Lunsford and the rest of your classmates for an orientation session that will introduce you to some of the research resources that the library offers and that you likely will be using.  There is online help for many resources, and you are welcome to consult with any librarian if you have any questions about the information resources you will be using. | North Library: 281-459-7116 | Central Library: 281-476-1850 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306