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What is Plagiarism?

San Jacinto College defines plagiarism as the following:

Plagiarism is offering the work of another as one's own, intentionally or unintentionally, without proper acknowledgement.  Students who fail to give appropriate credit for ideas or material they take from another, whether a fellow student or a resource writer, are guilty of plagiarism.

The penalties for plagiarizing at San Jacinto College can range from an F on the assignment to suspension from the college.

To view the entire San Jac policy on cheating and plagiarism, click here.

Plagiarism: So Not Worth It!

Resources for Avoiding Plagiarism

How do you avoid plagiarizing? The short answer is to cite your sources correctly and consistently. 

Check out some of the links below to help you avoid plagiarism in specific cases. | North Library: 281-459-7116 | Central Library: 281-476-1850 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306