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ENGL 1301 | Golden

This Guide is designed to help you with your research for Dr. Golden's ENGL 1301 final project.

Read the various scenarios/tasks and choose ONE for your final project. The difference between this final project and the previous projects is that the documents are not provided for you, so it is up to you to decide what research you need to do to help better understand the scenario and choose a position. Once you’ve found sources, choose your role as a writer, the document type you want to write, the audience you’re writing to, and the purpose of writing to that audience.


  •  7 Sources minimum
  • An Annotated Bibliography for your sources (just include this at the end of your essay after the Works Cited page)
  • Proper page formatting for either MLA or APA

Aspects that affect the grade:

  • Credibility, reliability, validity of chosen sources
  • Quality summaries in the Annotated Bibliography
  • Proper in-text and Works Cited documentation
  • Proper formatting for either MLA or APA
  • Appropriate/Effective role for the chosen scenario
  • Appropriate/Effective document type for chosen scenario
  • Clear audience for the document
  • Clear and appropriate purpose for the document and audience
  • Academic quality writing style
  • Thoughtfully planned and well organized argument | North Library: 281-459-7116 | Central Library: 281-476-1850 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306