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A guide to completing the Research Paper assigned by Dr. Weller and Dr. Smith.

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Your Research Paper

Welcome to the library guide to your research paper! Please explore some of the resources in this guide to help you with your paper. Remember, you can always contact a librarian for assistance on the scope of your topic, finding articles and other resources, and formatting your citations.

You can drop in and see us any time without making an appointment, call us, email us directly or through Ask a Librarian, instant message us through this guide or through the Blackboard library tab, and Facebook us at  SanJac South Library.

Research Paper Guidelines

Length. Your paper must be a minimum of 10 pages of text, using a 12 point font and 1.25 inch margins on the side and 1 inch margins top and bottom. Endnotes do not count as part of the minimum length.

Sources. Sources must include both primary (at least 4) and secondary material. The paper must use a minimum of 12 sources. Even greater use of primary sources often helps a paper. At least 8 of the sources must not be online sources like web pages and blogs - you are limited to up to 4 web pages or blogs.

Articles or books found through the library's online databases do not count as an online source. Each student must turn in a copy of all of the source material that they use when they turn in their paper.

Topic. The topic must be a subject in Texas History. You can also choose a topic related to Texas Folklore. Choose a topic which interests you; this will make the research more enjoyable.Your topic is due (5 points) at the beginning of class, September 15.

Copies. Turn in three copies of the final paper, one for each professor to mark and return to the student and one to be filed in the English Department.

Late papers. There will be a ten percentage points deduction (30 points our of 300) for every calendar day the paper is late.

Paper required. Anyone not turning in a research paper will receive a grade of "F" for the course.

Contest. The best papers will be entered in the TExas State Historical Association's Caldwell Paper Prize competition and will be considered for publication in Touchstone, a journal of the TSHA. First prize is approximately $400.

Subject Guide

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