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Music: Plagiarism

This is a guide to Music Resources to assist students looking for information about Music.

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Plagiarism: So Not Worth It!

What is Plagiarism?

Please read the college's policy on cheating and plagiarism (below or online) so that you will understand what it is, what the consequences to you are, and how to avoid it!


From the San Jacinto College Board of Regents Policy Manual, Policy VI-0 (available online at

The following policies and procedures concerning cheating and plagiarism are printed in this form for the information of all students.  The gaining of knowledge and the practice of honesty go hand-in-hand.  The importance of knowledge properly gained is emphasized by these rules against cheating and plagiarism.  An act of cheating or plagiarism in any degree subjects a student to disciplinary procedures listed below.



The college defines cheating as dishonesty of any kind on examinations and written assignments; illegal possession of examinations; possessing crib notes during an examination, whether used or not; illegally obtaining information during an examination from the examination paper or from another student; assisting others to cheat; alteration of grade records and illegal entry or presence in any office are instances of cheating.  Complete honesty is required of the student in the presentation of any and all phases of course work as his/her own.  This applies to examination of whatever length, as well as to final examinations, daily written reports and them themes.


Offering the work of another as one's own without proper acknowledgement is plagiarism.  Therefore, any student who fails to give appropriate credit for ideas or material he or she takes from another, whether fellow student or resource writer, is guilty of plagiarism. 

The College may contract with companies or organizations that provide plagiarism-detection services.   Such companies may receive a student’s work product for purpose of comparing the student’s work with a reference database.   Students enrolling at the San Jacinto College agree as a condition of their enrollment that their work product may be submitted to such companies for the purpose of plagiarism detection and that the company may retain a copy of the work for plagiarism-detection purposes.  Such organizations will not copy, use, distribute, or re-disclose the student’s work product.

Responding to Violations

The instructor has the responsibility for initiating disciplinary action in response to violations of the rules against dishonesty.


If, in the judgment of the instructor, cheating or plagiarism has occurred, he or she may assess an appropriate penalty:  an "F" on the assignment, an "F" in the course, and/or a recommendation that the student be suspended from the college.  The instructor will notify the student of his or her decision concerning the student's grade and whether or not further disciplinary action is recommended before filing the report as indicated below.  Should the instructor recommend suspension of the student, the vice president of instruction has the responsibility and authority to determine whether the student will be suspended.  The instructor should also communicate with his or her department chairman and dean regarding any violation of college policy regarding student honesty.  The student may appeal both the decision of the instructor and the vice president of instruction to the college president who initiates the formal appeals process.

Reporting Cheating and Plagiarism

The instructor prepares a report for the vice president of instruction and the dean; the report indicates the nature of the cheating incident and the student's grade in the course.  If the instructor judges it appropriate to recommend suspending the student from the college, the report will include that recommendation.

The student has the privilege of making a written declaration on his or her own behalf.  Copies of this declaration, which are not construed as an appeal, but for information only, will be filed with the vice-president of instruction.  The student may file an appeal of the decision of the instructor to the college president.  (See the Policy Manual and the Student Handbook.) | North Library: 281-459-7116 | Central Library: 281-476-1850 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306