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EDUC 1301 | Introduction to Teaching

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You will choose a main topic from the ones listed in the following tabs and formulate an inquiry question for you to research. Based on your reasearch, you will create a literature review.  

You are asked to locate at least 15 educational journal articles on your topic and write an 10-15 page literature review on the articles you've selected. 

What is an inquiry question?

An inquiry question is simply the question you're trying to answer by conducting your research. Look through the main topics in the following tabs and consider what you'd like to know more about regarding these topics. You can use the subtopics to help guide your question or go in a different direction if you're interested.

There are no simple yes or no answers to a good inquiry. Be prepared to spend some time looking through databases for articles that pertain to your question.

What is a literature review?

A literature review is something between a reference page and an essay. In a literature review, you will go through several sources one by one summarizing and examining them for their usefulness and validity. You will organize those sources according to their contents and overall provide an overview of the information already available regarding your research question.

Steps to complete your literature review:

  1. Choose an educational topic that you are interested in studying.
  2. Formulate an inquiry question that specifically describes what would like to know about your educational topic.
  3. Go to the library to search for and locate journals that include your topic's information.
  4. Find articles, read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic AND inquiry question. 
  5. Select at least 15 journal articles and save them for your project.
  6. Read your articles and begin to sort and classify them according to their findings.
  7. Organize your articles by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, always considering your original topic and inquiry question.
  8. Create a Literature review matrix where you will categorize the themes and record the sources.
  9. Write an outline for your small-scale literature review. You will share this with the class.
  10. Write your review.

Challenges to U.S. Education in the 21st century

  • Subtopics
    • Diversity
    • Immigration
    • Bullying
    • School segregation
    • Equity
    • LGBTQA 

Safety in Schools

  • Subtopics
    • School violence
    • Disease Control
    • Drills (practice)
    • Bullying
    • Youth Risk Behavior

Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • Subtopics
    • Culturally responsive teaching
    • Culturally responsive mental health + SEL curriculum 
    • Critical Race theory- What is it?
      • Why is it under Attack?

Racial Justice in Education

  • Subtopics
    • History
    • School segregation
    • School to Prison Pipeline
    • Teacher bias
    • Systemic racism in schools
    • Restorative Justice

Immigration policy and Education

  • Subtopics
    • Migrant students and Education
    • Unaccompanied migrant children at the border
    • English language learners
    • Children of migrant laborers

Mental health in schools

  • Subtopics
    • Social and Emotional Learning 
    • Mindfulness in schools
    • Outdoor classrooms and mental health
    • Effect of Pandemic (COVID 19) on students
    • Online learning

Teacher Retention in Schools

  • Subtopics
    • Teacher pay/salaries
    • Job/career satisfaction
    • Impact of declining retention
    • Working conditions
    • Teacher Persistence

Go To Resources

The following is a short selection of places where you may be able to find sources for your literature review. It is not exhaustive.


The sources below are good places to look for extra information, although they will not fulfill the criteria for your literature review. For your literature review please use one of the library's databases, some of which are listed above. You won't find academic journal articles below, but there may be good information.| Central Library: 281-476-1850 | Generation Park Campus: 281-998-6150 x8133 | North Library: 281-459-7116 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306