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CINAHL Complete

A guide to searching the CINAHL Complete database.



Hello, and thanks for coming to check out this LibGuide! This guide was made to help you use the CINAHL Complete database.

A few things to keep in mind about this guide:

  • While this guide provides tips and directions for using CINAHL Complete to find articles, you will not find the journals or articles themselves in this guide. Don't use the guide's search box to look for articles!
  • You may want to have this guide open in one window, and the catalog or database you're using open in another window. That way you can go back and forth for help.
  • Navigate this guide using the blue tabs on the left.| Central Library: 281-476-1850 | Generation Park Campus: 281-998-6150 x8133 | North Library: 281-459-7116 | South Library: 281-998-6150 ext. 3306