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Open Educational Resources: Intro to OER

"The terms 'open content' and 'open educational resources' describe any copyrightable work...that is either (1) in the public domain or (2) licensed in a manner that provides everyone with free and perpetual permission to engage in the 5R activities."  --OERTX


Graphical representation of the 5 R's of OER, by Kiersten Merkel, CC BY 2.0

What Are OER?

What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?

     "Open educational resources (OER) are any resources avail­able at little or no cost that can be used for teaching, learning, or research.  The term can include textbooks, course readings, and other learning content; simulations, games, and other learning ap­plications; syllabi, quizzes, and assessment tools; and virtually any other material that can be used for educational purposes. OER typically refers to electronic resources, including those in multime­dia formats, and such materials are generally released under a Creative Commons or similar license that supports open or nearly open use of the content.  OER can originate from colleges and uni­versities, libraries, archival organizations, government agencies, commercial organizations such as publishers, or faculty or other individuals who develop educational resources they are willing to share."  --Educause (2010)

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