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One of the requirements for your assignment is to locate and read the Supreme Court Opinions for the case you have selected.  Supreme Court Opinions are available in print and electronically. The resources on this page will help you find the full-text version of these documents. If you need any help, please contact a reference librarian.

Databases provide you access to countless journal articles, newspaper articles, ebooks, videos, and much more! The best part? They are available to you 24/7, on or off campus--which means you can do research from home even if the library is closed!

Just click on the link for the database to get started. If you're off campus, you'll have to log in with your student ID number.  If you have questions or need help using the database, please contact a reference librarian or check out some of our video tutorials.

Though you can do most of your research online, books are still a great source of information.  The library owns several titles that can help you understand and analyze the opinions of the Supreme Court. Most of these books won't contain the actual court opinions (you'll have to look under the Supreme Court Opinions tab), but can serve as good secondary sources.

Click on the title for more information about the book, or use the library catalog to look for titles about your court case. If you need help, please ask a reference librarian.

Citing Court Cases

Need help with citing court cases within your paper and in the Works Cited?  Check out this link:

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