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HIST 1302 | American History After 1877

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Select a book about an event or person in American history with significance after 1877. The criteria for this book is: 

  • It must be at least 200 pages long.
  • It cannot be an edited work (chapters by different authors).
  • It cannot be an autobiography (written by the person the book is about). 

In the "Search the Catalog" box below, type in a keyword to locate a book on the topic of your choice. If you know the exact title of the book you are looking for, change the "keyword" search to a "title" search. If you need help navigating the catalog, check under the "Find Books" tab to the left.

If you're completely stumped on what book you'd like to read, you can look at the file on the bottom of this box. This spreadsheet features a range of books on various topics that might interest you for this project!


Time-saving tip: Not every book you find will have a book review or author information. If you do not find one of the two necessary components, look for another book.  If you need help finding a book, the author information, or a book review ask a librarian. We are more than happy to help!

Use the following databases to search for a professional book review of your book. If you're having trouble, you can review the resources under the "Find Articles" tab to the left, use the dedicated guides in the description of the databases, or contact a librarian to help you out!

You will also need author information in addition to a book review. Your instructor will ONLY accept information from Contemporary Authors. This database has access to Contemporary Authors, be sure to check the source on your information to make sure it's coming from the right place! If you're having trouble, you can review the resources under the "Find Articles" tab to the left or contact a librarian to help you out!

Remember, you must cite any time that you use information from one of your sources. Even if the information is paraphrased or "put in your own words", it still needs to be cited.

Use this handout to help you with your citations:

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